The Regional Superintendent Has To Go!!



You know, I really had planned to perform in the talent show-but I’m so over this school year. I’m ready for it to roll on past me. The foolishness, buffoonery, lies and cover-ups have taken too much of my energy, too much of my time and I just don’t want to be a part of this anymore.


On this day, in hell, I’m included on a deceitful email in which the Lead Teacher for Special Ed stated that she didn’t see the student kick me, but rather saw the student kick “at” me. She further mentioned that it seemed as if I had “everything under control”. I’m wondering how she came to this conclusion when I asked for help, repeatedly. She also stated that my door was closed. That’s another lie. Let me ask reasonable people this-how would I have closed my door behind me when I am lifting a child in an attempt to remove them from the classroom? So another lie.


What we are faced with, are a lot of people who don’t want to do their job. People who want to cover up the issues, so they can protect the people with whom they rub shoulders with. The same people (i.e. the principal) who can put their hands on a teacher (leaving a bruise) and be in the building the next school day. Wow! But if any one of us put our hands on another adult (let alone a child) we would be at a standoff with the entire state of Georgia’s SWAT team).


The regional superintendent, she has to go! She has sat on her ass and protected this cow, year after year after year. She has got to go. She is the person who is blocking the superintendent from knowing what’s going on in this school. She has got to go. Anyone that can sit back and allow a school (and several in their jurisdiction) crumble-they have got to be removed, they are not for the educating of our children.


These systems are crumbling because people have truly forgotten how to care. There is no compassion in these poor parts. It’s all about a check, retirement and benefits. Stop voting for these people, these so called leaders, and then forget to hold them accountable to their platform. These parents need to stop having babies, forgetting that their wellbeing, growth and development is still their utmost responsibility. You cannot just have a baby and leave it up to these weak systems to educate your child. This is why they are failing! How can a teacher, who is in the trenches of hell…give their all, when their all is constantly attacked?


As a parent, there is no reason you are sending me a letter 3 days before the end of the school year-asking for your child to be tutored. Where were you the entire school year? Where were you when I asked you to help me with your child’s disruptive behaviors? At this point, I have nothing else to give your child, not even a summer packet. How is it that your child is in my class not knowing the alphabet, letter sounds or even sight words? Why haven’t you shown up?



This. This place. This system. This thing called “education”. This isn’t it. This isn’t learning. This isn’t teaching. This is babysitting. This is the penal system expressed in their lives at an early age. This is corruption. This is failure. This. This is not it!


Author: 311moor

I'm just an honest teacher, experiencing my piece of hell. I'm striving to take it all in stride-but I will not be bullied, intimidated or silenced. I love my field, however I will not be made to resent it. Not without a fight. #Room113 #100DaysOfHell #PublicSchoolIsShit

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