You Worried About Field Day, Really?

ur fault

What continues to amaze me is how parents will damn near come to blows over their child not attending field day activities, but when it’s time to use that same energy for your child’s academics-you are nowhere to be found. Really?


I sent out a message to the parents of students who would not be allowed to attend field day activities, due to their disruptive behaviors. Of course, these aren’t behaviors that just happen sporadically-these are behaviors that happen damn near daily. I have documented behaviors through classdojo, their daily agenda as well as through text messages. Then that one text message-“Your child will not be participating in field day activities due to continuous disruptive behaviors” set shit in motion.


I had a parent tell me that they don’t check dojo and that I should have called. No, ma’am, what you should do is be a bit more proactive in your parental responsibilities so that you know what is going on with your child. Your child has an “N” for conduct, yet you still don’t know? I sent home a conference sheet, which I fill out for each of my students, even when parents don’t show up for the scheduled school wide conference. In this document, a month ago, I mentioned the same thing. So, again you don’t know what’s going on in this classroom, and with your child because you are making a conscious choice not to know. To take it even further, your child is in the first grade…cannot read, and doesn’t know a lot of sounds and blends to even read sight words.


How long have we been doing this? And you still don’t know your child’s strengths and weaknesses? What? Am I supposed to go home with your child too? I can’t do everything for you. I won’t. I’m doing my portion and you, parent ma’am, need to do yours as well. But then again, rationalizing with illogical thinking “parents” is like fighting an unrealistic war. I just can’t.


My biggest and only concern through all this is the lack of support from the cow. She avoids parent complaints and pretty much everything else in this school. So, I knew getting support from her would be lost. So, I prepared myself by printing out all of my documentation from classdojo (five months of it) as well as had copies of the recent report card and conference sheet available. Especially after the father, obviously speaking in front of the older child, said that if this son didn’t get field day that no one else would get it either. I’m so not intimidated by those sort of threats. Not even a little bit. Needless to say, the child didn’t come to school-so all of that was for naught.


Field day turned out to be alright. There were a few fights because children couldn’t handle the pressure of competition and cried when they lost. The anger with these little children confuses me. They have some severe emotional disturbances and I wonder (in my fleeting thoughts) what is going on in their homes. I shake my head at the thought (SMH)!



Author: 311moor

I'm just an honest teacher, experiencing my piece of hell. I'm striving to take it all in stride-but I will not be bullied, intimidated or silenced. I love my field, however I will not be made to resent it. Not without a fight. #Room113 #100DaysOfHell #PublicSchoolIsShit

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