Teacher Appreciation Week!!

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week!!Teacher Appreciation

Last night, I was super excited as I thought about my gift to the teachers who assist me in the classroom. I budgeted and saved in order to give them a gift that I think they will truly appreciate. I gifted all the three of them with a massage. They truly deserve it.


I sat down and wrote them a personalized letter, thanking them for their unique characteristics and skills that they bring to this class. I made them a cute gift card that “certifies” them for one “Pampering Massage”. I sat back and just got happy at the thought of going in to work. I miss the days when I was excited to come in and teach my students. I miss being excited about the things I would share, the questions that would be asked and the light bulbs that I helped turn on.


Those days, for now, have been long gone. I am so over this class, this school and this county. For now-I will celebrate the teachers who deserve it and have gratitude for where I am and who I am. I wouldn’t have made it this far-had I been a weak and inconsistent sheep.


Shout out to all the teachers who do their job, who are efficient, effective and dedicated to their passion.


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Author: 311moor

I'm just an honest teacher, experiencing my piece of hell. I'm striving to take it all in stride-but I will not be bullied, intimidated or silenced. I love my field, however I will not be made to resent it. Not without a fight. #Room113 #100DaysOfHell #PublicSchoolIsShit

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