Fuck Your Evaluation


So, a week or so ago I checked the online evaluation system and I was scored low on 2 aspects that I have never been scored low. Retaliation much?


This cow is mad because teachers are beginning to speak up about her condescending and manipulative behaviors. In her weak and wicked attempts to flex her perceived power, she begins to lower (or hint at lowering) one’s evaluation. Hell, I refused to sign mine. Well, actually, I noticed some discrepancies and called them out. I didn’t sign it because it just wasn’t correct. Little did I know that other teachers were going through the same thing.


Fast forward to today. I guess her deadline is upon her and now she is scrambling to make things right. Oh but wait hol’ up. You have been doing so much wrong it might just be back firing on you. I mean, I don’t know if satan visited her or God showed up on her doorstep, but she had a change of heart today.


Teacher after teacher began to read and re-read her comments and question it. She began changing evaluations. What? So you mean to tell me, evaluations aint shit? So, you can just manipulate a person’s ratings, for your evil pleasure and then when you feel like you want to play “nice” you change it to suite your mood? Oh, is that what we are doing?


All I know is that this is some bullshit! Fuck your evaluation. Matter of fact-fuck you! You have just shown your natural, large ass. This lady is evil and full of hatred. I can’t believe she hasn’t imploded yet. With all the malice, anger, evil and vindictiveness, how are you still getting away with this? That’s what I want to know.


I will just be glad when this school year is over so I don’t have to see her ugly face again.


#100DaysOfHell #Room113 #WhenIsSummerBreak #18Days #HELLementary #FuckYourEvaluation



Author: 311moor

I'm just an honest teacher, experiencing my piece of hell. I'm striving to take it all in stride-but I will not be bullied, intimidated or silenced. I love my field, however I will not be made to resent it. Not without a fight. #Room113 #100DaysOfHell #PublicSchoolIsShit

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