Welcome to HELLementary!

Have you ever been to hell? Well, imagine going into a place-daily, where you are harassed, micromanaged, expected to perform through chaos, your clients can verbally and physically abuse you without consequences. Your colleagues only stay for the mandatory minimum of 2 years. People come healthy and leave with ailments such as high blood pressure or other stress related health problems.


Imagine turning into the parking lot, feelings as if you are about to throw up-seeing your “supervisors” car and you get a little throw up in your throat. Imagine walking in and the first thing you see-is a large thing. This large thing fakes a pleasant smile, which is so uncomfortable to her that she can’t take it. Imagine forcing yourself to speak to the misery, only to be polite. Then as you walk through the halls that are painted an asylum dull color yellow and beige, you smell the stench of shit and piss. Not a light baby pee but a drunken piss. The throw up slowly comes to the back of your tongue. It’s the bathroom. UGH!


By the time you get to your room, children are already crying, fighting, yelling, running and out of control. Meanwhile, the announcements are blaring, teachers have sank to a comatose state of depression all while we are reminded time and time again to “be mindful…”.


What kind of place is this-where the devil has been allowed to sink her claws into people without repercussions? The devil has entered and any semblance of righteousness is fought tooth and nail. Some go over to the dark side and are awarded with positions for which they don’t qualify (“Instructional coach”). Those who fight and buck the system are slowly removed, forever gone (transferred, escorted to internal affairs, investigated by police, slandered through poor performance evaluations and PDPs). Coincidence? I think not.


No where in the world, that I know of, can you perform so bad as a “leader” and be allowed to remain. NFL coaches, WNBA, NHL, Soccer and baseball coaches are expected to perform optimally…and when they don’t, there is a change in the administration. Not in public school. With MORE than 25 teachers (in the past 3 years), leave, transfer or quit…and no one looks at the “leader” (and trust I use that term SOOOOOOO loosely).



Author: 311moor

I'm just an honest teacher, experiencing my piece of hell. I'm striving to take it all in stride-but I will not be bullied, intimidated or silenced. I love my field, however I will not be made to resent it. Not without a fight. #Room113 #100DaysOfHell #PublicSchoolIsShit

One thought on “Welcome to HELLementary!”

  1. We are walking this journey together and I’m glad I have God and some co-worker’s who uplift one another everyday in order for us to make it through the day. It’s sad we have to educate children in these conditions but I do believe God has something GREAT in store for all of us


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