With so many blogs and posts about the happy teacher, I wanted to share the other side of teaching, to those who may be oblivious. Now in my tenth year of teaching, having a diverse background in various settings, I have finally been introduced to that one school that makes me want to give up on this thing called teaching. It’s so important to have a strong leadership team-and what I am seeing is that the main piece to that puzzle is as fucked up and miserable as they come. Yeah, this isn’t your typical blog, where all is peaches and cream. No, this is a place where real gets real and you see that public education, in the poor parts-is some bullshit!!!

You don’t believe me? Step into our world. I am so not the only one! 

Welcome to the place where “observations” are done at 1:50 pm (10 minutes before dismissal), where your evaluations are closely tied to your relationship with the miserable one and the squeaky cart means the miserable one is coming…dun, dun, duunnnnnnn!

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Now Available On Amazon…a “tell-all” book about the down trodden public education system.




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