The Regional Superintendent Has To Go!!



You know, I really had planned to perform in the talent show-but I’m so over this school year. I’m ready for it to roll on past me. The foolishness, buffoonery, lies and cover-ups have taken too much of my energy, too much of my time and I just don’t want to be a part of this anymore.


On this day, in hell, I’m included on a deceitful email in which the Lead Teacher for Special Ed stated that she didn’t see the student kick me, but rather saw the student kick “at” me. She further mentioned that it seemed as if I had “everything under control”. I’m wondering how she came to this conclusion when I asked for help, repeatedly. She also stated that my door was closed. That’s another lie. Let me ask reasonable people this-how would I have closed my door behind me when I am lifting a child in an attempt to remove them from the classroom? So another lie.


What we are faced with, are a lot of people who don’t want to do their job. People who want to cover up the issues, so they can protect the people with whom they rub shoulders with. The same people (i.e. the principal) who can put their hands on a teacher (leaving a bruise) and be in the building the next school day. Wow! But if any one of us put our hands on another adult (let alone a child) we would be at a standoff with the entire state of Georgia’s SWAT team).


The regional superintendent, she has to go! She has sat on her ass and protected this cow, year after year after year. She has got to go. She is the person who is blocking the superintendent from knowing what’s going on in this school. She has got to go. Anyone that can sit back and allow a school (and several in their jurisdiction) crumble-they have got to be removed, they are not for the educating of our children.


These systems are crumbling because people have truly forgotten how to care. There is no compassion in these poor parts. It’s all about a check, retirement and benefits. Stop voting for these people, these so called leaders, and then forget to hold them accountable to their platform. These parents need to stop having babies, forgetting that their wellbeing, growth and development is still their utmost responsibility. You cannot just have a baby and leave it up to these weak systems to educate your child. This is why they are failing! How can a teacher, who is in the trenches of hell…give their all, when their all is constantly attacked?


As a parent, there is no reason you are sending me a letter 3 days before the end of the school year-asking for your child to be tutored. Where were you the entire school year? Where were you when I asked you to help me with your child’s disruptive behaviors? At this point, I have nothing else to give your child, not even a summer packet. How is it that your child is in my class not knowing the alphabet, letter sounds or even sight words? Why haven’t you shown up?



This. This place. This system. This thing called “education”. This isn’t it. This isn’t learning. This isn’t teaching. This is babysitting. This is the penal system expressed in their lives at an early age. This is corruption. This is failure. This. This is not it!

Assaulted!! Bully Principal-Violent Students

What a day, what a day what a day.

First, a teacher gets snatched up by the bully cow (principal), then I’m assaulted by a habitually violent first grader and now (as I write this) I’m sitting in the doctor’s office, attempting to collect my thoughts on the events of the day.


Okay, so I’m walking thru the halls and I see one of my colleagues frantic. I walk over to see what the commotion was about and she shows me her bruised right arm. She proceeds to tell me that the cow attempted to force a conversation with her.


Now, let me pause for the cause and remind you readers that this is what the heifer does. She bullies and bulldozes her way into a conversation with a person; even when she is asked not to and has been asked not to (this is documented in an email that was sent to us both by her supervisor). She has done me like this several times. Okay, so the cow is upset at my colleague (let’s call her “Smiles”), for whatever reasons the evil voices in her head tell her. The latest was that a student allegedly told the cow that Smiles and another colleague were talking about the size of the cow.


Okay, run that back. The cow…brought third party information (gossip, mess, pettiness)…that was allegedly from a child (a student, a minor, a youth)…to a teacher (a colleague, a respectful adult, a classy lady). The cow is said to have stated that she (the cow) responded to the child stating some thing to the effect that Smiles (the one she assaulted) didn’t have room to talk. Say what?? So Smiles mentioned to the cow that she never said anything about her, especially to or in front of a child.


So fast forward a few days. I guess the cow felt the need to speak Smiles in private. In attempting to force Smiles into a conversation, Smiles politely declined speaking to this bully in private and cited that she didn’t feel comfortable. As old habits die hard, the bully cow heifer grabbed Smiles by her arm and snatched her toward her. Say what?? I saw the bruise with my own 2 eyes and better pictures have been taken of the red, swollen and torn skin.



As I hear the story, I’m wondering why shit like this doesn’t happen to me. Because for real…I would have rolled that big bitch. Oh, pardon me…I would have politely asked her not to physically touch me in that manner, as it is not polite and offends me ever so greatly. Nah, that just doesn’t have the same feel as rolling her fat ass. Yea, I woulda rolled her fat ass!!! How about that for “newsworthy”.


So, the teacher, my colleague decided that she needed to go see urgent care. Girl, better you than me because I would have had to call home for bail money. I’m so glad she proactively emailed the superintendent and the regional supervisor. Let’s see how they cover this shit up. Because we do know this will be covered up, right? (side eye)


Alright, so on to me being physically assaulted. I had an irate student that attempted to disrespect every student in my classroom. She ultimately became so upset because the students she attempted to bully turned the tables on her. Yea!


So as I attempted to diffuse the situation – I asked the little habitually violent and disruptive student to leave the classroom. Of course she refused. I went to her desk to assist her out of the classroom, she declined. I picked her up and carried her to the classroom door. At this point, with three adults witnessing and the entire class, she kicked me twice in my shin. Oh the agony!!!


I solicited the help of another teacher who escorted her to another room. I was called a bastard and other choice words that I dare not repeat (oh, the offense thrown). I had to clutch my pearls!!


I so wanted to call the police. Instead I made a fuss to the pseudo administrator, the bald minion. She was no help, as I knew she would be. She can’t be trusted. Her main role is to lick ass to maintain a position that she hasn’t earned. I digress. But the message was loud and clear….I’m calling the po-po (aka police).


I emailed the cow and her supervisor. I was responded to immediately, despite me previously calling and walking to her temporary bomb shelter, where she was not hiding. I swear, there must be a trap door in that damn room. I literally called then walked to the same room I called and neither the bald minion nor the cow were out to pasture. Well, I’ll be a monkeys uncle. Next thing I know, I get an email and I see the “how now brown cow” done waddled down the hall to my room. Interesting seeing you here, welcome!!!


She told me to fill out an incident report form. She was ever so kind in assisting me with the wrong paperwork. I read it, it said not for teacher incidents, but I filled it out anyway…got a signature and my copies. Yea, you have to ensure that these people do their job, hold ‘em accountable. You going to the doctor? Damn straight I am. This is not a game. I’m already under doctors care for a military injury and this thang might have aggravated it. Oh, the agony!!!


This place…this whole place is hell. Hellish behaviors, hellish “principal”, hellish process.


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This Is Not Education…This Is Filth!!


I’m walking through the school, looking at the total disarray. You can’t move from one hallway to the next, without walking into a bucket that’s slowly filling with water, which drips from a leaky ceiling. Trash cans, buckets and chairs collect the water-and people move about as if it’s normal.


May 16, 2016-during the school day….in an active hallway


You know what? This is their normal. Many of the children know nothing else. Classrooms are occupied with yelling children, staff is consumed with pulling disruptive children out of their classrooms, the principal is hidden in the parent liaison room, stuffing her fat face and avoiding her messy office space. What is being taught? What is being learned? Sadly, not very much.


In this HELLemetary, we are left counting days down-in the middle of the school year, avoiding being battered by our students and ringing our hands hoping not to catch a case. This place is utter dysfunction and chaos, at best. Schedules aren’t followed because they aren’t created to add balance to this place, but confusion. From day to day, I (along with others) wander around aimlessly trying to figure out what the hell we are doing. Personally, I’m trying to figure out how this school is even operating.


…but then again, if you are okay with allowing this for your child…then I can see why this school continues to operate like this.






You Worried About Field Day, Really?

ur fault

What continues to amaze me is how parents will damn near come to blows over their child not attending field day activities, but when it’s time to use that same energy for your child’s academics-you are nowhere to be found. Really?


I sent out a message to the parents of students who would not be allowed to attend field day activities, due to their disruptive behaviors. Of course, these aren’t behaviors that just happen sporadically-these are behaviors that happen damn near daily. I have documented behaviors through classdojo, their daily agenda as well as through text messages. Then that one text message-“Your child will not be participating in field day activities due to continuous disruptive behaviors” set shit in motion.


I had a parent tell me that they don’t check dojo and that I should have called. No, ma’am, what you should do is be a bit more proactive in your parental responsibilities so that you know what is going on with your child. Your child has an “N” for conduct, yet you still don’t know? I sent home a conference sheet, which I fill out for each of my students, even when parents don’t show up for the scheduled school wide conference. In this document, a month ago, I mentioned the same thing. So, again you don’t know what’s going on in this classroom, and with your child because you are making a conscious choice not to know. To take it even further, your child is in the first grade…cannot read, and doesn’t know a lot of sounds and blends to even read sight words.


How long have we been doing this? And you still don’t know your child’s strengths and weaknesses? What? Am I supposed to go home with your child too? I can’t do everything for you. I won’t. I’m doing my portion and you, parent ma’am, need to do yours as well. But then again, rationalizing with illogical thinking “parents” is like fighting an unrealistic war. I just can’t.


My biggest and only concern through all this is the lack of support from the cow. She avoids parent complaints and pretty much everything else in this school. So, I knew getting support from her would be lost. So, I prepared myself by printing out all of my documentation from classdojo (five months of it) as well as had copies of the recent report card and conference sheet available. Especially after the father, obviously speaking in front of the older child, said that if this son didn’t get field day that no one else would get it either. I’m so not intimidated by those sort of threats. Not even a little bit. Needless to say, the child didn’t come to school-so all of that was for naught.


Field day turned out to be alright. There were a few fights because children couldn’t handle the pressure of competition and cried when they lost. The anger with these little children confuses me. They have some severe emotional disturbances and I wonder (in my fleeting thoughts) what is going on in their homes. I shake my head at the thought (SMH)!


Teacher Appreciation Week!!

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week!!Teacher Appreciation

Last night, I was super excited as I thought about my gift to the teachers who assist me in the classroom. I budgeted and saved in order to give them a gift that I think they will truly appreciate. I gifted all the three of them with a massage. They truly deserve it.


I sat down and wrote them a personalized letter, thanking them for their unique characteristics and skills that they bring to this class. I made them a cute gift card that “certifies” them for one “Pampering Massage”. I sat back and just got happy at the thought of going in to work. I miss the days when I was excited to come in and teach my students. I miss being excited about the things I would share, the questions that would be asked and the light bulbs that I helped turn on.


Those days, for now, have been long gone. I am so over this class, this school and this county. For now-I will celebrate the teachers who deserve it and have gratitude for where I am and who I am. I wouldn’t have made it this far-had I been a weak and inconsistent sheep.


Shout out to all the teachers who do their job, who are efficient, effective and dedicated to their passion.


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Fuck Your Evaluation


So, a week or so ago I checked the online evaluation system and I was scored low on 2 aspects that I have never been scored low. Retaliation much?


This cow is mad because teachers are beginning to speak up about her condescending and manipulative behaviors. In her weak and wicked attempts to flex her perceived power, she begins to lower (or hint at lowering) one’s evaluation. Hell, I refused to sign mine. Well, actually, I noticed some discrepancies and called them out. I didn’t sign it because it just wasn’t correct. Little did I know that other teachers were going through the same thing.


Fast forward to today. I guess her deadline is upon her and now she is scrambling to make things right. Oh but wait hol’ up. You have been doing so much wrong it might just be back firing on you. I mean, I don’t know if satan visited her or God showed up on her doorstep, but she had a change of heart today.


Teacher after teacher began to read and re-read her comments and question it. She began changing evaluations. What? So you mean to tell me, evaluations aint shit? So, you can just manipulate a person’s ratings, for your evil pleasure and then when you feel like you want to play “nice” you change it to suite your mood? Oh, is that what we are doing?


All I know is that this is some bullshit! Fuck your evaluation. Matter of fact-fuck you! You have just shown your natural, large ass. This lady is evil and full of hatred. I can’t believe she hasn’t imploded yet. With all the malice, anger, evil and vindictiveness, how are you still getting away with this? That’s what I want to know.


I will just be glad when this school year is over so I don’t have to see her ugly face again.


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Welcome to HELLementary!

Have you ever been to hell? Well, imagine going into a place-daily, where you are harassed, micromanaged, expected to perform through chaos, your clients can verbally and physically abuse you without consequences. Your colleagues only stay for the mandatory minimum of 2 years. People come healthy and leave with ailments such as high blood pressure or other stress related health problems.


Imagine turning into the parking lot, feelings as if you are about to throw up-seeing your “supervisors” car and you get a little throw up in your throat. Imagine walking in and the first thing you see-is a large thing. This large thing fakes a pleasant smile, which is so uncomfortable to her that she can’t take it. Imagine forcing yourself to speak to the misery, only to be polite. Then as you walk through the halls that are painted an asylum dull color yellow and beige, you smell the stench of shit and piss. Not a light baby pee but a drunken piss. The throw up slowly comes to the back of your tongue. It’s the bathroom. UGH!


By the time you get to your room, children are already crying, fighting, yelling, running and out of control. Meanwhile, the announcements are blaring, teachers have sank to a comatose state of depression all while we are reminded time and time again to “be mindful…”.


What kind of place is this-where the devil has been allowed to sink her claws into people without repercussions? The devil has entered and any semblance of righteousness is fought tooth and nail. Some go over to the dark side and are awarded with positions for which they don’t qualify (“Instructional coach”). Those who fight and buck the system are slowly removed, forever gone (transferred, escorted to internal affairs, investigated by police, slandered through poor performance evaluations and PDPs). Coincidence? I think not.


No where in the world, that I know of, can you perform so bad as a “leader” and be allowed to remain. NFL coaches, WNBA, NHL, Soccer and baseball coaches are expected to perform optimally…and when they don’t, there is a change in the administration. Not in public school. With MORE than 25 teachers (in the past 3 years), leave, transfer or quit…and no one looks at the “leader” (and trust I use that term SOOOOOOO loosely).